Agile Risk Management

Agile Risk Management for Atlassian Jira

About Agile Risk Management

About Agile Risk Management

Agiles Risk Management for Atlasssian JIRA

Recording, evaluation, continuous adjustment and output of risks, opportunities and own data types in Atlassian Jira

Risks and opportunities at any time, up-to-date, location-independent

Agile risk management integrated into Jira enables transparent, independent and user-friendly presentation of all relevant risk management data.

  • Integration in Jira and linking to your existing projects..
  • comprehensive adaptability
  • Scalar and monetary evaluations
  • Manage multiple risk registers in a single project
  • Role-based rights management


monetary / financial risks

Management of monetary risks / opportunities on the basis of probability and effect, damage, risk factor, maximum damage separately for the initial and treated values.

scalar risks

Qualitative assessment of risks / opportunities based on probability and effect. In each case, the initial and treated values are valued separately.

Risk register

Manage any number of risk registers in your Jira projects to structure your individual risk management.

Risk matrix

Evaluation of risks / opportunities in an individually adaptable risk matrix.


- Monetary evaluation of risks / opportunities and their history to illustrate the course of events.

- Trend line diagram for probability of occurrence / risk factor including history to show the development.


Subdivide your risk registers / projects into individual subprojects in order to obtain the desired overview at all times

Risk management directly in Atlassian Jira

View, edit and evaluate your project risks and opportunities directly in Jira. Link risks and opportunities to your Jira issues or link Jira issues as countermeasures.

Agile Risk Management integrates directly into Atlassian Jira. Project centric integration enables risk management to be initiated directly via your projects.

Automatic evaluation and sorting into your project specific risk matrix.

Create your process- / company-specific risk matrix. Or use the standard risk matrix to start risk management immediately.

Create individual threshold values for the classification of probability of occurrence and effect.

Keep track of risk and opportunity categorization with the interactive risk matrix. Get the filtered result directly.

Automatic, progression-based evaluation of initial and treated monetary values for risks and opportunities.

Get the latest monetary evaluation of your project risks and opportunities in the risk dashboard.

The monetary evaluation is done by a line graphic. The X axis represents the time and the Y axis the amount of money. The system displays one value line with the development of the sum of the initial damage and one value line for the sum of the assessed damage. The scaling of the axes is done automatically. The data are obtained from the history of the individual risks of the current project.

Trend line chart

The risk dashboard gives you a constant overview of the current trend development of the probability of occurrence or risk factor for all your risks.

The trend line graph shows the accumulated values for risk factor or probability over time. It shows the accumulated values for risk factor or probability initially, after taking countermeasures (treated) and the current trend development. The trend line chart is also available separately for each risk.

Individual formula configuration for automatic calculation of risk factors

Use your process/enterprise formulas to calculate the initial/valued risk factor and other fields such as valuated loss and maximum loss. Or use the standard formula configuration to start with risk management immediately.

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Setup, scope of functions, documentation

Find out more in the documentation of Agile Risk Management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Agile Risk Management for Jira

  • Risk registers are used to structure projects. Any number of risk registers can be created in each Jira project. The risk register is described by the following required fields:

    • Key - Key to identify risks
    • Name - Name of the risk register
    • Description - Description of the risk register
    • Evaluation type - Risk register Type
      • Monetary - Allows a monetary evaluation of risks in addition to the probability and effect categorization.
      • scalar - allows you to categorize risks by probability and expected effects
  • Scalar risk registers enable a scalar evaluation (qualitative evaluation) of risks for categorisation according to probability of occurrence and expected effect. Scalar risk registers are evaluated using the risk matrix. Risks in scalar risk registers contain the following fields:

    • Probability:
      • initial probability
      • treated probability
    • Effect:
      • initial Effect
      • treated effect

  • Monetary risk registers enable a monetary evaluation of risks in addition to categorisation according to probability of occurrence and expected effects. Risks in monetary risk registers include the following fields:

    • Probability:
      • initial probability
      • treated probability
    • Effect:
      • initial effect
      • treated effect
    • Damage
      • initial damage in € (Euro)
      • treated damage in € (Euro)

Version history

Changelog Agile Risk Management for Atlassian Jira

Version - Release date: 19.02.2019


  • fixed a bug where risk strategy was always initialised with default value on save / update
  • added new risk strategy divide
  • respected jira context path on user search (create risk dialog)
  • added new countermeassures panel on risk detail view
  • whole new risk list view (more columns, sortable)
  • new tab design for comments and change history, removed useless all tab
  • fixed edit and delete of comments on risk list view
  • added refresh and count option on risk detail and risk list view
  • fixed a few minor css and js bugs
Version 1.0.6- Release date: 21.12.2018


  • Introduction of risk strategies for risks
  • Filters are now applied when switching from detail to list view
  • Copy of Risks in Risk Navigator
  • Userpicker at create risk dialog
  • several minor fixes
  • Compatibility up to Jira 7.13
Version 1.0.5-1 - Release date: 30.11.2018


  • Bugfix: trendline is now always shown in risk detail view
  • Bugfix: fixed a bug with detail view filters
Version 1.0.5 - Release date: 23.11.2018


  • Bugfix: deleting probabilities / effects in IE 11
  • Bugfix: Limit value consideration (missing risk in risk matrix)
  • Larger fields for description and consequence in risk detail view
  • New feature: Trend line diagram for risk factor and probability in risk dashboard and risk detail view.
Version 1.0.4-1 - Release date: 26.07.2018


  • fixed an database error for certain types of databases upon installation
  • fixed an error for deletion and adding of probabilities and effects
Version 1.0.4 - Release date: 18.05.2018


  • Enhancement: Due Date for Risks
  • Enhancement: Rights Configuration at project level
  • Compability for Jira 7.9
  • various language corrections
  • various JS / CSS corrections
Version 1.0.3 - Release date: 20.04.2018


  • Enhancement: Chart Export in Risk Detail View
  • Enhancement: Help dialogs
  • Enhancement: Attachments for Risks
  • Enhancement: Compatibility with jira 7.9
  • Bugfixes: several language fixes
Version 1.0.2 - Release date: 06.04.2018


  • Bugfix: risk overview filter
  • Bugfix: formular configuration
  • Bugfix: NPE in rights configuration
  • Bugfix: multiple JS / CSS Fix
  • Bugfix: delete risks as a editor
  • Enhancement: export of risk matrix and chart as transparent png
  • Enhancement: Compatibility to Jira 7.8.x
Version 1.0.1 - Release date: 28.03.2018


  • extended tooltip for risk overview / risk matrix
  • rights fix for projects / system (rights have to be set again, sorry)
  • extended colorpicker risk matrix
  • extended success and error messages
  • help dialogs for settings
  • several CSS, JS bugs have been fixed
  • optimised chart view, added option to change interval for chart data
  • fixed usage of jira contextpath
  • function for editing settings has been added
Version 1.0 - Release date: 13.03.2018


  • intial release of Agile Risk Management


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Agile Risk Management

Recording, evaluation, continuous adjustment and output of risks, opportunities and own data types in Atlassian Jira. Risks and opportunities at any time, up-to-date, location-independent

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